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Starting my career as a “Social Content Strategist” I've never been a stranger to the question: “What do you do?” (My mom still doesn’t know).

Well let me take this opportunity to tell you. I have a passion for igniting curiosity in others while fostering my own on a daily basis. Whether it's digital sneaker drops, eSports scholarships, animal selfie lawsuits, or even caviar bumps,  I truly get excited and energized by the culture that surrounds us and I inject that into everything I do. I don’t look at a problem and wonder how someone else can solve it, I go online and learn how to solve it myself.  

My work begins with “Why?” and takes me all the way to “What If?” and beyond. I see projects through from "Insight" to "Execution." This has allowed me to build and manage communities, shoot and edit content, develop media strategies, buy and run media, and so much more all while holding a "strategist" title.

I am the highest believer in the notion that “a good idea can come from everywhere”, it's the reason why on 2 occasions I’ve politely turned down offers to join the “creative” department as a copywriter, because I also believe today's solutions require creativity across every department.  

If this sound interesting to you, I'd like to give you a closer look at some of the work I've done.

Or you can keep scrolling and learn a little more about me.

Matt Fact: In 2017 I ate over 900 bowls of cereal

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JWT High Performer
Cannes Bronze Lion
D&AD Impact: Diversity & Equality / Wood Pencil
One Show (Finalist)
Canadian Marketing Awards (Finalist)
Applied Arts: Photography
Grip Collaborator of the Year
CLIO Award: Music digital/social category

Now let's take a look at the work I was talking about.